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This  poly blend caftan (over robe) can be used for any type of Arabian and shepherd styled costumes.A caftan is open down the middle to allow the under gown to be seen. Colors and materials may vary based on the availability of materials.
Colors: White, Silver, Natural or Gold rope belt. 2 yard length. 1 Belt per package.
Biblical Peasant Lady
This costume features a lose fitting gown with bell sleeves, a rope tie belt and a shawl that is used as a head covering.  For church plays, school or other theatrical performances. Biblical Peasant Lady gown is available in assorted colors. The gown is made of a poly poplin …
Men and women wore the same kind of clothing, but it differed in detail. They both would wear an inner garment and a girdle (sash)and an outer garment, but the dress of the woman was more elaborate and ornamented. However, the women wore longer tunics and larger mantles than the men. Also the …
The one major public role reserved solely for women was in the sphere of religion: the priestly office of the Vestals. Freed of any obligation to marry or have children, the Vestals devoted themselves to the study and correct observance of rituals which were deemed necessary for the …
She was a member of the Ptolemaic dynasty, a Greek royal family which ruled Egypt after Alexander the Great's death during the Hellenistic period. Cleopatra represented herself as the reincarnation of an Egyptian goddess Isis. Cleopatra Adult Halloween costume includes a polyester V-neck …
DEVIL SET -BLACK TIPPED FELT Black horns on a red headband, Red bow tie and a Red felt tail with a black tip.
Economy Biblical Costumes:  ADULT GOWN - WHITE
The adult Unisex Biblical Gown Costume can be used for several different characters. No matter what figure you choose to become, the Unisex Biblical Gown Costume for adults will provide you with the base to create an outstanding costume.   Tell your story of Christ in this …
Economy Biblical Costumes:  ADULT OVER ROBE
FOR WOMEN  or MEN:  Tell your Story of Christ in this economical over robe (shown in Black) of polyester knit. This over robe does not have finished edges but the edges will not fray. Adult :one size (can fit up to Chest 54, Length 48") Available colors: Black, Brown, …
Fallen Lace Angel
Fallen from grace, did you? Been a little naughty and having fun doing so in this 2 pc adult Fallen Lace Angel. Includes a sleeveless chemise made with poly Dazzle fabic. The overpiece is a empire vest with attached wing styled sleeves made with the poly Dazzle fabric. The vest and …
4" long x 2 1/2" w  metal gold cross with a 22" gold chain.
White chiffon wings w/ gold glitter adult size